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We attach importance to the disinfection and sterilization of all kinds of instruments to be used in our patients.
The health of our patients and ourselves is very important to us. It is the right of every patient to be treated under clean and sterile conditions. Therefore, we apply the disinfection and sterilization process separately for each patient and each treatment session.
First of all, we disinfect all the hand tools, burs, canal instruments and surgical materials we use by putting them into the disinfectant solution. In our clinic, an effective disinfectant is used against all bacteria, viruses (Hepatitis, AIDS, Tuberculosis, etc.) and their spores. The disinfected instruments are washed and rinsed during the day, and then the sterilizer is also sterilized.
During the treatment in our clinic, our physicians and assistant staff use gloves, masks and protective glasses.
Used during treatment, air-water syringe, caps and all surfaces, hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, etc. It is wiped and cleaned with a surface disinfectant effective against viruses and bacteria.
We prefer disposable products to avoid cross infection. We throw away disposable products such as gloves, patient gowns, plastic cups, syringes, needle tips for anesthesia, saliva ejector after each use.
From our patients and their attendants at the entrance to our clinic.  We ask them to wear overshoes.
We take the necessary care for the health of our patients with great care.

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