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Causes of discoloration in the tooth can be very different. Whatever the reason, your teeth can be whiter and more aesthetic.
Teeth Whitening ( Bleaching ) ; It is a bleaching (whitening) process using HYDROGEN PEROXIDE or its derivatives. The substances used release oxygen (O). With the separation of oxygen, the color of the tooth becomes lighter.
This process; It enables people with yellow, brown or gray colored teeth to have whiter teeth.
If you want, you can say goodbye to your old yellow teeth in 1 hour or in a few days at your home or at the dentist's office.
With 3-4 hours of use at home, your teeth can look much whiter than before.
You can have white teeth in about 50-60 minutes while you sit back and listen to music in the dentist's office, or even watch DVDs on the 5.1 sound system. No one can stop you from smiling to the fullest now :)

DISADVANTAGES ( Disadvantages ) ;
Hot-Cold Sensitivity may be temporary after the bleaching process. This probability increases as the Hydrogen Perside ratio increases. It is a temporary event and does not cause permanent damage. Correct diagnosis and correct use are important here. The technique and concentration to be used in each patient should be different.
Very high concentrations and prolonged and unconscious applications can sometimes cause micro-porosity on the tooth surface. This means roughening of the tooth surface at an invisible rate. It does not cause permanent damage to the tooth surface, and the minerals in the saliva improve over time with the help of fluoride.
In cases with enamel defects;
If there is an opaque appearance due to mineralization defect: this may not improve with the bleaching process.
If the dentin layer under the enamel is exposed due to abrasion - breakage: there may be hypersensitivity
In addition, if the root surface is exposed due to gingival recession: there may be hypersensitivity, gingival recession may increase.
*** Important considerations during application ***
Careful, conscious applications usually do not cause a problem, but some complications may occur as a result of incorrect or unnecessary applications.


Advantage of Teeth Whitening;
To provide a more beautiful and confident smile.
Teeth and smile are very important especially in professions where image is important. People in the media and promotion sector must have well-groomed and white teeth.
This is a very important situation for working people, especially for people who have intense public relations.
Coming in front of your partner with white teeth will increase your self-confidence. On special occasions this is much more important.


Bleaching Mechanism of Compounds:
The basis of bleaching is oxidation or reduction.
The substances used release oxygen (O).
bleaching ; is the replacement of colorless substances with compounds that cause their coloration.
The most commonly used bleaching agent: Superoxol or perhydrol, which is a 30% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in water.
The term peroxide defines substances that contain more oxygen than normal oxides in their composition.
Concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution is stored in a dark glass or plastic bottle. If stored in the refrigerator, it will not spoil quickly. The hot environment causes spontaneous oxygen removal.
Sodium Perborate powder is used together with 30% Hydrogen Peroxide by taking advantage of its oxygen removal feature.
Superoxol is a caustic substance. Therefore, the eyes, skin and mucous membranes must be protected. Spots and burning may occur on the skin and mucous membranes, but these are reversible.
Before the treatment, the gingival tissue (gum) should be protected with vaseline,
Rubber dam should be used during treatment.

Effect time of Teeth Whitening;
It varies depending on the teeth whitening technique and the applied concentration.
Generally speaking, it may take years, but it will partially return over time.
The return rate is about 20-40%. In order to reduce the rate of return, home bleaching should be applied for reinforcement purposes (if desired, a single-session office bleaching can also be applied).
Home Bleaching for reinforcement; Ideally, it should be done every 6 months. It can also be done every 12 months. 1-2 days of use is sufficient.
In order to reduce the return; In the first 24 hours, colorants such as cigarettes, tea and coffee should be avoided. It is recommended not to be used at all or less in the first week. It should not be forgotten that as we get older and use more coloring agents, our natural teeth and whitened teeth will turn yellow.

The duration of the teeth whitening application;
It may vary depending on the factor, the technique applied, and the concentration. Usually one session and 45-60 minutes. enough.

In Home Bleaching: A 4-hour use per day is sufficient for 3-4 days. If the result is not satisfied, the time can be extended or the concentration can be increased (10-16-20%).

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